Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Language Does One Use to Write to a Senator?

 I got an e-mail from Oregon the other day...from Senator Jeff Merkley. It said:

Grassroots energy made the key difference in 2008. It allowed someone like me, the son of a millworker and the first in my family to attend college, to go to the Senate to fight for the progressive values we share.  
With 2014 just around the corner, Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and their SuperPACs are actively recruiting an opponent for me, someone who will ignore middle-class job creation and the threat of global climate change while dramatically slashing Social Security and Medicare
Thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, Oregon's new Republican Chairwoman says she's eager to bring big SuperPACs to Oregon to target me in 2014.
That’s why your early support is so critical: It will help me stand up to big polluters, Wall Street, and their SuperPAC allies.
We must get our country back on track. There are so many critical issues that can’t wait – and we can’t afford to backslide under SuperPAC-controlled, right-wing leadership. 
Please chip in just $8 right now and help us meet our February grassroots fundraising goal. Your generous support will show Rove and his allies that we'll keep fighting for our progressive values to move America forward.
Senator Jeff Merkley
my reply:

Let me get this straight, Senator Jeff.
I live in a state where we have a total moron for a Republican senator (Dan Coats) and a blue dog Democrat (Donnelly) and you want ME to donate to you.
EVEN MORE INTERESTING... as per our conversations of the past, where YOU don't think cannabis or marijuana should be legal except medicinally, which now rings as odd because of THREE major points..
#1) That cannabis, a harvest-able energy source is illegal, and you're happy with that.
#2) 50,000 items can be made from cannabis, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide
#3) You have declared that marijuana is dangerous, even thoughnever in the written history of mankind has there ever been a marijuana overdose, whil on the other hand, handguns are used to kill some 18,000 people commiting suicide, fast cars (in 2010) were the specific cause of 32,000 deaths (again, totally legal to drive an automobile that is capable of going three times the posted speed limit ANYWHERE in the US), some 75,000 people die of alcohol abuse in the US every year, 365.000 people die of heart attacks, strokes and other maladies caused by poor diet and sedentary lifestyles (McGreasies on the way home and sit on the couch all night) and that the worse drug known to man, the most lethal, addictive substance ever discovered is openly sold on the market...tobacco. Even so far as to provide tobacco products for young people...

But you think marijuana is "dangerous"?

You DO see why I am humored, do you not?
Let me spell it out plainly for you...
YOU want to keep the STATUS QUO going because you have a LUCRATIVE JOB (paid up to seven times the amount of the median income of American workers, although politicians are the least able to produce something of value) and aren't real excited about leaving office because if the American People have any say in it (which we don't, thanx to the likes of you) YOUR FREE retirement funds with their automatic yearly raises, and your almost free medical benefits may be eliminated (which they should be)
Is that about the gist of things?

What do you know of the value of $8 ?
How about some math?
If I make $1.32 a day working seven days a week (and I do)
HOW MUCH of my income are you asking for?
It appears to be, SIX DAYS PAY.

Just to keep things the way they are with archaic leadership instead of responsible service?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

22 million people have cancer, half a million will die this year

If you have enough people to put up four games of cards.
One of them has cancer.

Every fourtieth card party, that one will die.

22 MILLION people have cancer.
More than half a million will die from it.
Marijuana cures cancer.
The idiots have put such an onus of fear and loathing (for no reason, either) onto it that researchers could not even get more to test with.
Prostate cancer mean anything to guys?
Brest cancer mean anything to you girls?
Lung cancer mean anything to anyone?
Brain cancer?
Skin cancer?

OK, it's harmless as a recreational outlet, but, politicians being what they are (getting everything they are taking away from health care, a big fat retirement package that includes guaranteed yearly raises) have decided that if they move too fast to help those with cancer, help those without jobs, that they will appear as something weak to the general population. And to make things worse, our congressmen and senators cannot even use a google search bar. They don't even know that 125-175 million people WANT to smoke recreationally, they don't know it cures cancer, they don't even know why their cars keep them warm (cannabis insulation, probably)

So, you have sixteen friends.
You like your friends.
and marijuana cannabinoid oil MIGHT just cure that.

Write to your Congressman, Congresswoman, Senators, President, Governor, state legislator, mayor...

Legalize marijuana.
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